Welcome to the DietGuru blog!

On this site you will find all kinds of diet advice, diet recommendations, diet recipes and physical exercises for making your diet  successful.

I think that diets should be viewed long term and not something you do off and on when you feel that enough is enough. That’s why we focus on diets were you don’t have to eat less, but instead eat different. These diets are proven to work in the long run and avoid fall-backs to unhealthiness.

Each individual has different diet and exercise needs, but I’m sure that most of you will find that, among all the different options, there will be something that fits you and that will be life-changing.

By experience I know that you probably have had disappointing experience of dieting already which is why its so important getting this information out. There are diets that works, and there are diets where you can enjoy tasty food, where you wont feel a urge of eating and where you loose weight in an unparalleled way.

So… if you want a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, or a way to feel better both physically and mentally. Stay tuned and you will learn many ways to achieve this. And I do hope that you will find a way of dieting that works perfectly for you and the way you want to live your life.