Reboot your body – 5 easy steps to immediate weight loss

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The human body is a very complicated machine. The human metabolism still contains secrets that we don't fully grasp. Even if so, there are things that we do know. In this article I will give you 5 easy steps to reboot your body, 5 tips that will improve your health, speed up your weight loss and hopefully lead you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Drop the Sugars!

There's hardly any question that this first step is both beneficial and in most cases needed to lose weight and improve health.

Sucrose, glucose and fructose are pure carbohydrates, and as such they affect your metabolism and are linked to the metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical disorders that's growing rapidly in modern society.

Refined sugar is all around is and I agree that quitting sugar is very hard, but like any addictions it's possible. The short- and long time health effects of stopping your sugar intake shouldn't be underestimated..

Eat Fewer Carbohydrates!

Like sugar, carbohydrates (carbs) can be damaging to our health. In fact carbs are sugar and sugars are carbs. When you eat a carbohydrate rich food, the body converts the carbohydrates to glucose, a simple sugar, which in the end is supposed to be used by the body as energy.

What we see in today's world is that the high intake of refined sugars and carbs has disrupted many peoples metabolic system, and many people nowsuffer from insulin resistance and leptin resistance which in short makes the body store the glucose as fat instead of using it as energy. Obesity is born. The good thing is that no carbohydrate is an essential nutrient for humans. Our bodies can obtain all energy from protein and fats.

Most low-carb diets starts with a period with no intake of carbohydrates. This cleans out the system, reboots it if you will. After that you can gradually start adding some good carbs, until you find your personal threshold.

So what is the good carbs I'm talking about? I recommend that you eat carbs mostly in the form of fruit and vegetables, and if you really can't live without it, some grain in the form of unrefined whole grain. "No grains" are better than some grains, but some people just can't see themselves not eating grains at all.

Eat More Fat!

Yes you heard me right! I know that most of you still think that fat is bad and carbs are good, but the times they are a changing. New research has found that following a diet high in natural saturated fats, is in fact better for preventing cardio vascular diseases, than following a low-fat diet.

I know it's hard to grasp. We have been touted from childhood to stay away from fat if we don't want to get a heart attack. But, if you do your homework, you will like me, find out that we been fooled all this time. Nowadays I frequently enjoy breakfastsדbased on bacon and egg again and I never felt better.

This is just the case, fat makes our body satisfied, we get full faster and need to eat less calories overall, than we do on a diet based on carbohydrates. When you're not hungry between the meals, you won't take that extra snack. You will lose weight, without struggling with calorie counting.

Do stay away from the trans-fats though (margarine e t c). They have been linked to different cancers. Natural fat is the way to go.

Eat Natural Food

Unprocessed food is the base for a healthier life. Sticking to food that the human race has been eating for thousands of years makes a lot of sense. Processed food can contain hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings that were not originally in the natural base food.

I'm not saying that you should only eat fruits directly from the trees, grow your own vegetables (it's a good idea though) or have your own chicken coop. But I do challenge you to use your common sense, and avoid food that is unhealthy for you.

Make Your Body Work with Physical Exercise

All exercise is better than no exercise. But so called anaerobic exercise (muscle building activities) is especially beneficial for weight loss since it raises the amount of energy that the body uses during rest. This makes your body shed more weight while doing nothing.

That said… Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise burns calories and my suggestions are to find a good combination of the two types of physical exercise. Find a combination that fits you and your lifestyle.


In the beginning of this article I promised you 5 easy tips for losing weight. Maybe they aren't that easy, but put together these steps give you a way to naturally lose weight, while not counting calories. It will improve your health and make you feel happier, more energetic and more ready to face the world than ever before. In other words you will feel rebooted.

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