How Seinfeld can help you to stick to your diet

Crossed Calendar Dates

Many people have problem keeping their diet. Many times the reasons are that they are following the wrong diet, but a lot of the time it can also be other reasons.

So what does Jerry Seinfeld have to do with keeping a diet?

Well, I read somewhere about an advice another comedy writer once got from Mr. Seinfeld. The tip was to write every day no matter what. We can easily transfer the “no matter what” part to dieting.

We can say: “Keep your diet every day, No matter what!” That sounds simple enough right? But how?

Jerry’s tip was to keep a calendar. For every day that he managed to write something, he could put a big X over the date. His point was to: “Keep an unbroken line (chain)”. The days you didn’t cross over will stare out at you all month as you pass by the calendar.

This of course means that you need to put your calendar in a place you frequently visit, and not in some closet! Each time you see the diet calendar it will motivate you to keep doing what you need to do, each day of the month.

So, in the case of dieting, or sticking to your diet, every day you cheat on your diet you can’t cross that date. But if you’ve followed your diet you can. Of course you can also inverse the method. You can cross over the date when you cheated on your diet and vice versa, whichever makes sense to you.

This is a nice motivational technique that can be applied to a lot of different things, and it’s another tool in your diet arsenal.

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