Why you can’t believe anyone when it comes to dieting

Don't trust USDA with your diet!

The human race has been eating all through its existence, but only recently have we run into problems with our diets. Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Alzheimer, ADHD; they can all in one way or another be linked to our diet.  Before modern dietary advice came into the picture these diseases were unknown. Not because we ate less, but because we ate different.  We used to follow a diet based on our needs, based on food that we were adapted for. Today we’re exposed to so much food that our metabolism is not adapted to, which can be the main reason for a lot of today’s health problems. The tragic part is that we can’t trust anyone when it comes to telling us the truth about what is healthy and not, since we’re dealing with a young science and a lot of dollars…

Nutritional science started in the 1900-s and as such a new science it’s still trying to find its ways.  The science of nutrition is also quite fractioned because of its young age. There’s not been enough research done to find a paradigm(a general agreement of belief of how the world works) that tells it all, which was what happened in most other mature fields of science, like physics and chemistry for example.

Another problem with nutritional science is that it’s very difficult to do experiments on human.

 When you are dealing with atoms you can do whatever you please, but when you are dealing with atoms in a human form, you are encountering quite a few obstacles:

  1. Each human decides what to put into his/her body.
  2. You can’t lock your experiment “animals” in and watch them 24/7.
  3. And since you can’t lock them in, you can’t trust them to do what you told them to do.

So if there’s not any reliable science about diets why was I told that this or that is what I should eat?

Well, good question! Why do the governments, health agencies, health organization tell us what to eat, when they really don’t have a clue?

Wait a second… There was a reason!!!

The Lipid Hypothesis

In the beginning there was this man, named Ancel Keys that made some research about what causes heart disease. He studied the nutritional habits of some countries, and found that a few of these countries fitted his hypothesis that was that: “saturated fat causes heart disease”. When I say a few, I mean he used the data from 7 countries although he had data from many more countries! The others didn’t fit the hypothesis and therefore wasn’t included in the final report.  That’s what in science is called as “cherry picking” and is the perfect example of bad science.

After this report broke the news, we have been stuck in what I would like to call the low-fat regime. When the number of people affected by obesity and diabetes exploded, the causes was fitted into this hypothesis, even though the “eat less fat” advice was what more or less created the obesity explosion in the first place. This research is today known as the “Lipid Hypothesis” and has through the years been found to be less worth than the paper it was written on.

But old habits die slow, it’s slogan “Fat is Bad” has been so thoroughly imprinted in our minds that when we see a slice of bacon we think it’s bad for our hearts, although we never seen or read any proof that it is, besides this old hear-saying. When we check the research we’ll find that it’s really the other way around. Fat doesn’t make us fat, and it doesn’t clog our arteries either!  So what does?

Fat doesn’t make us fat, but Sugar and Grains do

We all know by now that sugar is not a miracle cure for our body, but the sad news is that neither is grain, or most other kind of carbohydrates. I might be a little too harsh now, but if you want to live long and be healthy, you need to take at least one step back on your carbohydrate intake right now!

All carbohydrates are turned into glucose in your body; the same thing as sugar. So even if you drink your diet coke (we still not

know what the diet sugars do) you are far from free from glucose. If your body is sensitive to its effects, you will find yourself in a whole lot of trouble, obesity, diabetes and who knows what else.  

Why? Simply put, because an overload of refined carbohydrates will eventually wreck your metabolic system. There’s a hormone in your body called insulin which takes care of your carbohydrates and sends it to appropriate places. When there are no places to send it to, it stores the carbohydrates as fat. When too much insulin is released into your body over a prolonged time you get into a syndrome called insulin resistance which means that even if parts of the body needs your carbs as energy, it will still store it as fat, and it will keep the fat there no matter what…. Your body’s metabolic function has just stopped functioning correctly. Your stored fat will never be used and you are gaining weight.

Money and pride is hiding the truth

So the obesity explosion in the western world today, is in my opinion, caused by the overdosing of sugars and refined carbs. In other words; it’s caused by a too low intake of fats and proteins. But, if this is so obvious, why doesn’t everybody agree?

Well, there are a few reasons for this:

  1. Your salary is paid by someone that wants to keep it as it is. Believe it or not, but many nutritional scientists are paid by food producers, not by wage, but by stipends and grants…. And even if it’s not said in the open they don’t want research that makes their foods “unhealthy”
  2. You have a lot of reports behind you, supporting the current diet paradigm… if you start following the new paradigm you will belong to the freshmen again. Your status as a scientist will be diminished.
  3. You’re a dietician and you told people one thing all through your practice. What if you suddenly tell them everything I told you was false? Will they still trust your advice?
  4. You’re a reporter/journalist; whatever the paradigm says must be right… right?
  5. You’re a government. You need to protect your country’s agriculture industry, the corn industry that creates a lot of jobs, and the powerful lobbyists from the big pharmaceutical companies, which interest is not really healthy people, but instead supplying sick people with medicines. 

It’s not a simple matter. A lot of people have invested a lot in the current paradigm, and they will fight with tooth and nails to keep it the way it is. Even though people’s health are what’s in stake.

One after one the current low-fat diet paradigm is falling apart. So far we know that:

  1. Saturated fat doesn’t clog your arteries… studies show that in fact, saturated fat pads your arteries, protecting you from cardiovascular diseases. 
  2. The cholesterol affected by consuming saturated fat is on the good cholesterol… yes there are a few kinds… so usually a high fat dieter gets better values than a low-fat dieter.
  3. It’s been proved again and again how a diet based on a low-carbohydrate diet reverses a type-2 diabetic’s situation.

When will the truth be told?

Paradigm shifts can come with a blink of an eye, but in the nutritional science it’s bound to be slow because of the reasons I listed above. There’s too much invested money and prestige for a quick turnover. The researches made can never lead to an “aha” moment since the tests can never be proven and controlled like in other sciences.

We’re right now in a state of mind in the nutritional sciences that can best be described as:  “paradigm paralysis”. This is the utmost barrier against a dietary paradigm shift.  It’s the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking, which is similar to the psychologist’s term “confirmation bias”.

So what can we believe?

You just have to make up your own mind this time. And that’s a good start if you want to lose weight. Take command and follow your heart and mind. That’s the way to success; not just in diets.

If you feel what I have to say makes sense then listen to me, else ignore it like millions of other overweight people. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying that in my heart and mind I know what I’m preaching really works. There’s science out there that shows that the current diet paradigm is wrong, and this information is easy to find for anyone interested. I for one will continue to shout it, and hope that as many as possible will listen, learn and find health.

So, should you belive me? You have to make up your own mind about that. You're welcome to ask me any question that you might have about your current diet, and I will tell you what I think about it, and my suggestions. If you want to take my advice I will be happy, if not… I wont hold a grudge. I'm not a fundamentalist, but I do have a good clue on what works in the long run, and what doesn't.

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