To exercise or not to exercise or how to excercise is the question

Until now this blog has solely been about what you eat. Many people think that losing weight is synonymous to exercise or training, or whatever you like to call it. I’m not one of those people.

I do find a correlation between training and weight loss, but not between the training that most people view as training, which is walking, jogging or an uninspired visit to the gym.  To lose weight by exercise you really need to know what to do, and you need to be really focused on both your diet and your exercise.

So what is wrong with walking you might ask?  Well a few things:

  • We’re born to walk, as humans we have sophisticated the art of walk, and we know how to walk without thinking. You think that your body will be shocked by walking? Maybe it will, but only if you have been bed bound for a year or so. If you’re a normal active person, walking will only get you from point A to B. It won’t make you fit!
  • So what about jogging…. Well, jogging is better than walking. Maybe some of your muscles will get enough stimulation to grow.  Maybe some muscles will even ask for some release of energy from your fat cells, but then again… maybe not.  The point here is that muscles needs surprise to grow, if they feel that they are needed they will grow, if not, they stay the same or shrink. If you do the same jogging trip every morning your muscles won’t grow. You might burn of half your toasted bread that you had for breakfast, but then again you will feel a lot more hungry at lunch.
  • Same thing about long distance running…. The longer you run the mor e acquainted your body will be with the conservation of energy. You simply burn less calories the more you run. Your body will get used to long aerobic exercises and it sure won’t burn your extra fat off! And don’t wait until your doctor tell you that your knees are all done for… that they just can’t take your “good” exercise anymore… and why would they? They’ve been tortured for all these years and you didn’t even get a medal for making yourself disabled at 50…

The secret is not a secret and millions of people knows it, and have perfected it, over the years. The secret to lose weight and stay fit is by muscle exhaustion. When a muscle gets exhausted it breaks down and starts to grow itself to protect itself from future break downs. During this process the muscle asks for a lot of supplies, and it gets those supplies from your body’s energy reserves… which of course are stored in your fat cells. So the real secret to weight loss is to have your muscles in a constant growing state.

Why doesn’t a marathon runner have huge muscles in his/her legs?

Because the muscles have been trained to conserve energy…

But marathon runners are thin right?

Yes, they are, but I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to go on the training regime of marathon runners or any athlete really. Most people want to stay fit without spending too much of their free time on it.

My solution is quite easy; one hour a week is enough to bring out some tremendous transformations body wise. Short intensive muscle exhaustions are the melody for a fit and healthy body, with no knee surgeries needed.

So how do you exhaust your muscles and keep them in a growing state? There’s only one answer, but many ways to get to it. Your muscle needs a growing resistance…

Creative Commons License photo credit: jontunn

If you for example, lift a weight of 70 kg in a bench press 15 times…. And then you do it again, 15 more times next week with the same weight, your muscle won’t ask for more energy (food). You can of course lift it 20 times the following week, and that wouldn’t be such a bad move. But if you instead raised the weight to 75kg and do your 15 lifts it would be a whole new story. It’s all about progressing, don’t stay put, move on!

I still haven’t decided between the fast style a la “P90X” and the slow style of “Slow Burn”, and I think the real solution is a combination. I have just started a research on a new training regime and I will be sure to inform you all about the results. For now I can see two opposing views here:

  • Fast visible muscles, which is nice on the beach and when playing catching up… or in your social profile.
  • Slow, endurable muscles that can pull a workload each day without getting tired…

What we all want, I think, is a piece of both of them. So what my new test will try to achieve, is to prove the point that it’s possible to have a short exercise (in hours) and be able to achieve a picture perfect body with the endurance of a mule.  

So if I/We (we’re a couple) succeed you will get all the details here. And as a custom of these kinds of promises we will post before and after pictures throughout…